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The the energy that shows up in spikes from a radient discharge travels at high speeds. They are of such high frequency and that you can only see them on a scope when they are going to a load (IE Voltage burning in the neon). They slow down enough that the scope can draw them.
When you add a charge battery to your system the actual radiant part of the spike has a bigger pipe to travel and the scope can no longer see it at its full voltage.
You should with a charge battery hooked be able to see the base of the spike. This is the point at which the PURE voltage spike starts to convert to a heavier mass and create and mix with the input current.
The spike will go from 300-500volt down to 30 +- volt.
This why on scope when looking at the spikes in the full veiw, they will expand at the base. But the tops do not stretch as you focus the scope in on them.

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