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Voluntary Servitude by Deception

The Video: "Voluntary Servitude by Deception"
that covers most about what I was trying to express in my post

Please view the video above, now, before reading onward.

Contracts by deception, non-disclosure, etc. are null and void.
Do not play the UCC game.

Using UCC requires you to voluntarily, in writing, confirm that you
are in valid contract and under jurisdiction.
Then use UCC to some how remove it's power over you after
you just got done declaring it's valid... voluntarily without deception.

UCC means you have to state: "I'm in the game, I'm here voluntarily,
I'm under this jurisdiction." before you can state: "I'm getting out of this game".

WRONG WAY...They make the rules ..

Everything, 100%, is null and void.
no Forms to fill out,
no declarations,
nothing in writing required.

If you were NOT deceived, lied to, tricked or conned into it, then
YES, you would have to use UCC to get OUT.

The Video is Wrong about Gold/Silver as money. That will not work in today's
economy .. There isn't enough gold and the Government can not OWN GOLD,
only use it to make currency, so it MUST again (hello wake up) come from private owners.

The 13th and 14th amendments are key to understanding how we are in this mess.
But the real story begins with the CONstitution.

You can not use the word citizen due to it is ambiguous ..
The video is WRONG. You would have to use an entire paragraph of words to
define what you mean by using the word citizen every time.
Did you mean STATE instead of FEDERAL citizen.
Besides, it's a STATE driver's license, STATE birth cert., etc, etc.
You do not want to claim a STATE citizen title either.
Citizen is ambiguous
Google of these two words: legal ambiguous
results in 3,190,000 hits, anything that is ambiguous is a BIG LEGAL PROBLEM.

Do not use that word, you are a citizen only because you were lied too.
You never voluntarily signed a contract to become a citizen, you were tricked
into signing something because you were told you "Have To" .. a lye, which by default made you a citizen.

Government is political, (see definition: Government)
A Republic is made up of at least two political classes: those that make the rules and those that follow the rules.
Therefore, everything Government creates is political by definition. Laws, Courts, etc. etc. etc.

In the CONstitution there are two political classes, remember Republic.
"We the people" and Citizen .. read it. Two political classes.

If this were not so, then the government would not be called a REPUBLIC and a
different, never ever used before .. NEW word, would have been used to
call the new kind of government.
It was never intended to be a "new" kind of government, that's way it was called a Republic.
It's politics, nothing personal, tell the citizen what they want to hear .. lie
put it in writing , call it a CONstitution.

People is one political class and citizen is the other political class.

With that in mind, the two political classes, read the amendments again
as see were those two words are used: people and citizen
If neither word is used, would that not be ambiguous ?


Be aware of the Smoke and Mirrors
(not the end of this story, just seeing if anyone is listening)

The patriots are out-to-lunch and don't have a clue.
Define patriot:
one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests (Authority = Jurisdiction)

Don't be a patriot either... that's political
Until we are all telepathic .. words can be dangerous.
Remember to be kind to your mind ...
Tesla quoting Buddha: "Ignorance is the greatest evil in the world."
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