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Image from video: Solar Particles and Earth's Magnetic Field
@ NASA - Archive

For lack of a better word or phase, call it a cone-shaped vortex (CSV)
Remember, there are 4 CSV vortexes.
The top is the entry point or input.
The bottom is the exit point or output.

The CSV TOPS of the vortexes are facing the Earth and
the CSV BOTTOMS are pointed out into SPACE.
The input energy into the vortex is coming from the Earth and being
expelled out of the bottom of the vortex into SPACE.

(see previous post for reference image)

This geometry of 4 CSV vortexes converging into points in SPACE,
hardly fits the PROTECTIVE magnetic flux "SHIELD" we have been told about.

I'm having are very hard time wrapping my head around what it would look like.

Have I blundered and with lack of sleep and I am drawing the wrong conclusions?

Help me out here ..
Remember to be kind to your mind ...
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