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Originally Posted by sucahyo View Post
I see, I read more and I think I understand what you mean. I post some snapshot from Howard Johnson's The Secret World Of Magnets here

I will read your last link, never heard it, thanks .

For spike I guess this is the word:
"The repulsion of like poles represents particle activity which is quite
different from attraction.
The particles react with each other as they form two vortices that spin in the same direction. There is no reduction in the gauss count, which registers about three times as high as it does at the attracting end."

For current:
"Ampere was the first investigator to propose that the magnetism observed in permanent magnets is caused by tiny electric currents circulating within the molecules of magnetic material." Scientific American Jan. 89.
Yes .. people should read your posting you give a link to.
Which reminds me I should x-ref my posting in that thread also here.
Food For Thought Heat/Magnets
it's a triplet Heat/Magnets/Electric they effect each other directly and indirectly.
I don't make the above statement as a common knowledge thing.

I mean there are interactions going on that isn't common knowledge or
at least have not been EXPLAINED or FIT the rules of Physics as we have been told.
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