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Wow, you are incredibly articulate!

Thank you SO VERY MUCH Blake, for all of your thoughts in this awesome post from you!!!

I will attempt to have a fraction of your articulation in responding to all of what you've shared!

You know I may be misreading the non action on this thread-as I have been known to be misperceptionally challenged. This being the case I am still worried that I may have said something, or come off sounding, critical (and/or ignorant) and have single handedly stalled out this thread. If I am wrong I know this comment then flushes out another core misperception... that I am working to release...the classic world revolving around me thing.

I havent really introduced myself here so I guess in reality I am pretty much a stranger in this forum. I have only recently discovered the world of forums and have almost 0 experience participating. I have been quite reluctant to assimilate into the technofrenzy at large...and am only slowly beginging to grow out of a well grooved analog lifestyle.(things Im discovering like PATHS are definately helping me to change my mind...Pun not subconcious is so clever. ). I think I am the LSR archtype... (and now its gone.)
You ABSOLUTELY did NOT affect this thread in any way but TOTALLY POSITIVELY PERFECTLY - and again, Thank You!

The neat thing is this, Blake - the world, the Universe DOES revolve around YOU! And, that is OK, that is GOOD, that is PERFECT. There is only one of US. But more than that - you are in your own universe that you affect constantly by your conscious attention. Everyone else is also in their own universe as well - and we can shift things from other universes, or time-travel with who we WERE or ARE going to be - either direction is up for grabs!!! We live in a FAR STRANGER universe that perhaps any of us has imagined - there are layers upon layers upon quite possibly INFINITE layers to that which makes up this or any other universe!

I LOVE the description of LSR as an archetype - very interesting the possibilities of ME'ing any LSR'ishness lol.

Also, your saying 'and now its gone' reminds me of Dr. Bartlett's view of disease and healing - two sides of the same coin (well explained in the book) and where he prefers to call any perceived condition GONE

This creative thought paradigm is so tricky(case in point) to state my challenges in the positive to explain or work on so as to not strenghten that which isnt wanted or working for me???
Indeed, it seems at first pretty tricky, but after the door opens just a little bit, it gets easier and easier to open it more and more until you no longer can accept strengthening anything but the things that are exactly what you want! You see at first the little advances, which bring more confidence that YES, you can do it, and these build and build with a snowball effect until even more serious 'perceived setbacks' are handled totally different that before - namely, by not feeding them with your conscious attention on them. This does NOT mean you ignore them, for they have come up in your life, but now one can have the attitude, first of all, that that is OK. Then, to have a CURIOUS nature about whatever thing has come up that is not serving you. From there, you can learn/grow from its existence in your life and begin to CHOOSE differently if you really have a PREFERENCE for something different. You see? Not black and white at all, not resisting at all, very VERY Allowing to let things be what they are - which is just things we have total choice in deciding what effect they have on us. Having Preferences is oh so much more powerful than Ego-based black and white view that a thing is this or that or Must be a certain way for us to consider ourselves 'happy'.

That is one main reason for not chiming in much here. Another is insecurity as I feel much farther back on the scale of this concious evolution or in mastering my thoughts/feelings than most here (However I feel I "get it" on a gut level... that this "stuff" is what I have been about, but have been pushing away ...what I really need is to "do it!") .The main block though, I believe, to my breaking out of this kind of nondoing "suffering stasis" is trust-or the lack of it. Cue the violins...There is some early trama and a pretty huge betrayal when I was young. Leading me to conclude I am better off (safer) alone. I really need to change that. Along with this depression that colors so darkly so much of what I see.

But, I am SO very GLAD that you DID chime in! Please keeping chiming!
One absolutely incredible facet of the ME archetype is the Time Travel technique - I have used this on myself to go to earlier pivotal periods in my life of events that have shaped some of the things about me I do not prefer - incredible the instant shift in feelings and a new way of looking at those things - like to do with money, relationships, etc. WOW. I am VERY confident you will find something, whether it be ME, or any of the other wonderful modalities that resonate with YOU and which will be the thing your soul seeks to bring you to a new place as it is obvious you desire some changes. Thank you for sharing!

Wholly cow. All this said the Matrix Energetics possibilities did give me a MAJOR boost of hope/excitement.I feel this is where we are all going in our spiritual evolution... I however gave my purchased ticket to the Seattle workshop to my dad as I felt I was too much of a "dull blade" and wouldnt be very effective in my state of mind. I wonder now if that wasnt just another self sabotage choice based on a fear of breaking free. And now I am not so sure my father was any better a tool for this work as I would have been. But then my "vision" is admittedly skewed. Expecially regarding him.
I'm thinking you might just go for it next time - so glad your Dad made it! When the time is right, and if it is for you, you will be there!

Oooh the negativity.... just deciding to be honest here in all my glaring imperfections-and see what happens. Practicing trust, I guess. I hope I'm not banging my victum gong too loud in all this, thats not my intention. I just wanted to show up "real" here and see the response. I'm not fishing for the pitty thing or "rescuer". I know its all my job really. I just need some help I guess, and am not fond or too good at asking.
No worries Blake - I don't perceive any Pity Party going on, and I should know - I have thrown some good ones

So Stephen if you need to log some hours for practice or to prepair for your upcoming practitioner training... I am game. Or anyone else with a pespective boost or experiencial "advice" ...please...I could really use some mental/emotional reinforcements right now.

I would love to do some ME with you - I'm afraid there is a bit of a line up lol, so I'll do my best! Thank you SO much for offering to get ME'd!


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