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OK, while i was posting my last post, i guess Stephen was posting too, sooooooooooo i went and read them and could feel the power I get off of Stephen when were talking and he is building a rapore/morphic connection with me, but while i was breathing it felt like i was breathing in clean freash air.....and/or light????
not sure what that was.....were you doing ME????
We have a great connection, i really enjoy it.

I'm not sure if i shared this yet, but i was at work after the first time that Stephen did ME on me and could feel it while he did it on some ohter people too.

Very cool, not sure if this is cuz were so close in proximity or what, but wow.

I can also as i write this feel enegy moving/or losening in my upper back...crazy, and loving it...And it is starting to make alot of sense to me, but words elude me for describing my understanding.

Very cool Sharyn, i am so happy for you about going to Hawaii.....YEEEAH

I am also learning so much that it feels like there is no time, then i say to myself 'whats the rush?' cuz i have all the time in the world, and everything will happen perfectly in perfect time...(regardless of the no time thing )

toot ta loo for now.... LOVE ADRIENNE
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