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Hi Kim, nice to meet you :D

Originally Posted by KimJ View Post
This stuff is amazing. I just can't seem to read enough and I don't have enough time to learn it all! It's blowing me away!
So... just wanted to say thanks for this thread and all this amazing potential!!
BTW, Stephen, I'm in BC too - nice to know of some "locals" around here!
Hi Kim

I'm in Northern BC. Did you know there is a ME seminar coming to Vancouver in September? Check it out at Matrix Energetics Healing seminars taught by Richard Bartlett if you're interested - its a safe promise that you will be totally blown away!

Even if I wasn't on PATHS, I think I would need the 15g of Spirulina a day just to cope with all the stuff I read, study, absorb, and SEARCH for. Thats a Dr. Bartlettism - doing SEARCH, not REsearch lmao - if you go to a seminar, you will learn a whole new way of speaking that aids the stepping out of consensus reality! Its WICKED COOL

Love and light,

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