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Thank you Blake!!!

Hi! I'm bAaaaaack

I have a very busy life, like most of us, and SO many interests/pursuits/journeys of the mind, that this is the only forum (I'm on a few) that I have time to post to - and even that is nowhere near what I would love to do!

Blake, SO very nice to see you on this thread! I really DO appreciate all the effort you put into posting so many clear, awesome thoughts. I will address most or all of them - its the least I can do!

The excitement on here is really wonderful.. One thought about "not getting it" seems no matter what, we are doing it all the time even without the Matrix Energetic template. This template seems to focus the law of attraction energy in a unique and powerful way...and fun... But with or without this "package" we can and are doing it... no matter what. Its apart of the law-OA. The obvious add-on to this is the thought of not getting it being self creative but thats been honed in on here already.

Just by our mere intention to make a focused intent and then a tiny little action with this two piont thing then a surrender or letting go of the outcome you/we have altered reality. Wether visable or wavy gravy or not. Its simply another form of using our thoughts conciously... The simpleness of it is exciting (and a relief to me) but my left brain always wants more...It thinks I have to work hard to get some change. Thats one of my hang ups..."and now its not"!
You are TOTALLY right! We ARE doing this all the time - 'collapsing the waveform' repeatedly, many times a second. ME is like supercharging the LOA. The understanding and system of consciously using LOA in your life through all the methodology of The Secret etc. is wonderful! ME takes a massive leap with LOA and you learn to step out of the consensus reality, including your own perceived 'reality' and do something different, something that can appear 'miraculous' 'Not getting it', appears to be the result of only one thing - looking for left-brain explanation for the 'whys' and how it works. ME is a morphic field of its own, just like all other objects, people, ideas, and even thoughts. The morphic fields of most 'healing' modalities work to whatever extent based upon how focused and precise you are in following the information used to construct that morphic field. Yes, I said constructed - all of these modalities are 'constructed' morphic fields. The construction of most modalities requires following them fairly closely for them to 'work', because that is how they are constructed. The symbols of Reiki for example are powerful and important only because they are part of the Reiki morphic field and the more people that 'buy into' the modality of Reiki (just the example for now), the more effective it is on the consensus reality.

The really COOL thing about ME is that it was purposely created to be open-ended. It has VERY few specifics or do's or do not's. The actual 'power' that does the transformation comes from the Higher Source, Zero Point Energy *insert favourite label here* lol. Each of us can ADD to the morphic field that is ME and gain incredible results from any addition we wish to contribute - freaking amazing!

Blake, you are correct in surmising that whatever you think about transformation - as in ANYTHING you believe, will directly affect the 'results' you achieve with ME. For as powerful as it is in instant manifestation of change (though our brain's temporal software may interpret this instant shift over a period of time), it is also just as sensitive to any of our thoughts that betray a lack of trust in the Source or our own incredible reflection, and connection as Eternal Beings with that Source - there really is only One of Us!


I'm trying not to get hung up on the wave thing. What also excites me and is different for me is the focus on letting go and trusting in the awareness of the "matrix energy". The NOT KNOWING part is so freeing...expecially with my "God" concepts...I like so many of them... the thought I dont have to know exactly what it is and have the "right" name for it has begun a liberation of sorts. This quantum package has really triggered something for me. However I am sure for myself and probably alot of others here that sooo much other info and work and planetary evolution has led up to this...not the least of which being the PATHS modules for me and Aarons work. So manny facets of the same diamond.
The wave thing is the current latest understanding of our universe. The Two Point is simply a means to measure 'change'. It helps bring us and our subject or object into the wavefront that exists without conscious awareness or intent applied to it. In this wavefront, the nature of the holomovement universe, exist infinite possibilities. From that infinite selection of possibilities, we then set our 'intent' with the many different fun, whacky, weird, crazy techniques of ME. Setting this intent then 'weights' as in brings a bit of preference, for a new outcome which then moves from a possibility to a PROBABILITY. This weighted probability we then 'let go of' and allow the Source to do the work of the transformation - often right before our eyes!

You sound like so many I have come across now, who when finding ME, are filled with an undeniable compulsion to pursue it no matter what (including me ). To each their own of course, and its all good - all of the delicious choices we can make for what we wish to experience!


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