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that isn't the spike... that is the flyback and appears to be charging a cap at around 70 volts.

the photo is a bit blurry, but it looks like I can just make out the leading edge spike immeadiatly before the flyback.

Originally Posted by nilrehob View Post
Sephiroth, I just took a shot running my converted fan with *very* small coils charging a capacitor.
The scope is over the coil (collector - batteryplus) and I have no "flyback", only the spike.
Volt/square was 20V and time/square was 0.1 ms, as the cap collects energy the spike rise and gets thinner.

I'm unable to test it right now, but I can't remember having anything else than the spike on my big air-core coil either.

Maybe I need to have an iron core to get Your result, just as (I guess) boguslaw is saying?
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