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Originally Posted by sucahyo View Post
You mean johnson using propietary magnet and won't work with normal magnet?
No, not from what I understand, those two Johnson and Romag are NOT following the "normal" rules of magnetics.
You'll need to read some of the links I've posted. Those devices follow their own rules. Magnetic Current rules.

The "real" rules are not what you have been told.
What you have been told never explains The WHY it is a rule ..
This whole thread is about showing those new rules and a WHY.
I've been posting how the old rules do not fit reality in experiments and
hopefully supports the WHY that makes the old rule incomplete, misleading and confusing.

No, I sorry I did not explain it fully.
For example Johnson does reversals of magnetic forces creating a SPIKE in magnetic force ..
which is like the SPIKE from a coil collapse, but in magnetic force. He is using magnet current.
See here for links and details.

Sucahyo have you heard of Magnetolysis or Felix Ehrenhaft?
see Felix Ehrenhaft: Magnetic Current --- 9 articles
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