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I was thinking about this...

There is a magic in iron core. Magnetic field (or rather current) inside iron propagates quite slowly, there is a delay from first time when magnetic field touch core and to the point of "filling" all iron core. The same is for diminishing magnetic field.

Now if you have a coil with iron core and magnet attached to it so magnetic field is strengthen by permanent magnet field , nothing changes for coil operations because MAGNETIC FLUX CHANGE is source of current flow, not simply static magnetic field.

Thing are going to start interesting IF we have a nice way to QUICKLY remove permanent magnetic field exactly at the point when coil magnetic field is starting to collapse because of turn off of power source.Iron core is still magnetized but there is no external source of static magnetic field - so magnetic field of coil + magnetic field of iron core COLLAPSE.

You see how SSG is using permanent magnet and iron core to extract energy from static magnetic field.

How do you think about it ?
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