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Originally Posted by Sephiroth View Post
I'm going to step in to confuse matters a bit more

The Bedini SSG has more components in it than my simple test above and thus I think it works somewhat differently. The passing magnet, for example, I'm sure adds to the equation.

I think I have heard Bedini say something like "the magnet sucks out the field" as it passes away from the coil. Maybe that is how energy is added in the mechanical SSG.
The SS SSG doesnt have the magnet but may work differently as it has a higher frequency (just a guess as I haven't built a SS SSG yet).
Would a SSG with no wheel, magnets or transistor work with a relay (instead of the transistor) switching in low freq? My guess is it won't, not even if You trim the width of the puls to match the size of the coil.

Wouldn't it be appropriate to try to separate the different mechanisms in the Bedini SSG so that we *really* understand what is happening?
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