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Please forgive me, but I still can't see the forward EMF spike as anything else than the energy in the coil desperately trying to find another form as quick as possible, and as there are high resistance in the way You get high voltage and low current.

The spike has a width, and a current, albeit very small, just enough to make the spike carry the energy that was previously in the coil.

If the capacitor in the circuit in my previous post has a voltage higher than the battery, the energy in the coil compresses itself even more to an even higher (but thinner) spike to make its way into the capacitor. The only other alternative is to convert itself to heat.

I just tested a Bedini SSG charging a capacitor instead of a battery, and it shows very clearly that the spike grows in height as the capacitor collects more and more energy.

This again leads me to the conclusion that the driving battery connected to a coil should be connected as short as possible, just to "fill up" the coil, as any current flowing in the coil after the coil is "full" cannot be recollected.

I'm only looking at a single spike here, as a single event. A train of spikes may add to the story, but I'm not there yet.

Please correct me anyone if You think I'm wrong about the spikes, and a simple easy to replicate setup to show it would be really helpful.

I'm sure there are things in "Tesla tech" (and others) than cannot be described in current theories and formulas, but I'm sure a spike in this context is easy to explain using common textbooks.
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