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I'm going to step in to confuse matters a bit more

I personally think both Aaron and nilrehob are correct

but the output of bedini's circuits contains two componants and neither of them is back-emf as aaron has already mentioned.

but the transient spike is only part of the output.

when current has been cut off from the coil, then immeadiatly upon the opening of the switch we get the transient spike that can shoot off the top of our oscilloscopes. But following this transient event is the flyback current which I think could be described as forward emf as it is generated by the collapsing field in a similar way as current is generated when you pull a magnet off the top of the core.

The flyback current is recycling the energy we put into the system but the transient spike is the part that allows us to gain more energy in our systems.

My two cents
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