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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Back EMF is the same as Counter EMF and in either case, including Forward EMF, none of these are the inductive spike from a coil.

If he is saying in the book that forward emf is the inductive spike then he is misusing the entire concept of force as in electromotive force. Is there force with zero work or pure potential moving through a coil and out of it? It might sound good but is is like an oxymoron...kind of like "military intelligence."

I have the same book from a friend it is a great reference nevertheless.
Please forgive me for being a skeptic enthusiast trying to keep both feet on the ground.
I have built two Bedini SSG's and I'm currently doing a few experiments on the Tesla switch and read and watch as much as I can about this.
I'm not saying that You or anyone else is right or wrong, as I actually don't know.
But could You, when You have the time, point out where in the book (2nd ed) You think Paul Scherz is wrong, and also how he is wrong? (maybe around pages 124-126, 140, 142-147) I would really appreciate it.
Hob Nilre
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