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Kangen water

I decide to find the technical background from electrolysis healing water. Here is what I found.
- The price is high for electrolizer to pay the price of platinum titanium electrode, to avoid metal contaminating the water during electrolysis. As such many product also use thin layer of Platinum which can only last 6 month of normal operation. If the core is not another inert metal, then the core will contaminated water.
- some suggest salt to add chlorine inside the water, but most hydroxy experimenter believe that chlorine is also released in air thus can be dangerously lethal.
- acidic water / oxidized water build at positive electrode said to have good sterilizing effect. Is best to cure exposed injury, fungus in plant, cleaning bactery.
- alkali water / reduced water / hydrogenized water build at negative electrode said to have good boosting effect. Is best for reverse aging, bigger fruit and healthy life.
- some site said bigger electrode is bad, while hydroxy experimenter find it best to use larger surface and use PWM to control the current.
- most of the efefct caused by OH- and H+ in the electrolysis process. hydroxy experimenter mention that H+ and O- also released as gas in small amount in normal electrolysis process, where most is H2 and O2 (can be controlled according to hydroxy patent). May be a separate O2 and H2 output is better.


Alkaline Ionized Water by Dr. Hayashi

Electrolyzed–Reduced Water Scavenges Active Oxygen Species and Protects DNA from Oxidative Damage


Various document about alkaline and acidic water

The rather concerning factor is the use of 0.5%-1% salt, see diagram. It is what have been used in hospital with alkaline water. It produce Chlorine, Ozone gas in positive part, both is a known disinfectant but what if we use them a lot? And NaOH at negative part, is it safe to drink them too?
Envirolyte-Conquest Properties of Water Disinfectants

I found it alarming that many kangen water site promoting chlorine filtering ability of the device while it also producing chlorine since many suggesting salt water. Although envirolyte mention the use of acidic water is 0.5% in public water treatment.

I think using bubbler is safer, although we may need to separate hydrogen and oxygen:
Alkaline Water and ORP Explained
Do you know what pH stands for? It comes from French, and means "per Hydrogen", which is a measure of the amount of Hydrogen in a liquid. Note; we're not talking about the amount of alkalizing or acidifying chemicals in a liquid. No, we're talking about the amount of hydrogen atoms. The chemicals or minerals just react with the water to create hydrogen atoms.

Why is this so important? Hydrogen fuels us. Hydrogen heals us. Hydrogen is our most essential nutrient. Hydrogen provides our life force! And pH equals amount of hydrogen in liquid, so it's a measure, if you like, of available life force in a liquid.
I rather concern to know that pH and ORP can be manipulated easily. pH can manipulatedby increasing cell efficiency or even by using A LOT of salt. more salt = more HCl in acidic water and more NaOH in alkaline water. Obviously it will result on much higher ORP too since it mentioned that ORP is a measure of water voltage. But, is it safe to drink more HCl and NaOH? Not to mention more Cl2. Although some expert would argue that hot shower using tap water would be a lot more dangerous.
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