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Hi Blake,

It is great to see you posting about your experiences please don't feel insecure, although I understand what you mean. We may be all at different levels of consciousness & self development but it doesn't matter - You are here & aware & we are all journeying together at a rate that is suitable for each one of us. I certainly count myself as in the beginner class !

I do hope that you will soon experience wonderful successes with your Paths modules.

It is probably quiet on this thread because most of us have probably either got our heads buried in our books trying to learn everything, or those that have "got it" are probably really busy having fun performing their new feats of imagination.

It is interesting about the trust issue as I know that that is something I need to work on myself regarding ME. I have somehow convinced myself that I need to work on my intuition before I'm going to be able to do it successfully ( maybe it is a message from my intuition ). So about 10 days ago I went out & bought a book to help me with that & I'm also hoping to add the intuition & insight module soon.

So my excuse for not posting for a while is that I'm trying to read 4 books at once, learn ME, learn Reiki 1 & do my homework for that, keep up to date with everything going on on this forum, trying to fit in a modicum of work & keep the home fires burning .

Do keep letting us know how your Dad is getting on with ME.

Love & Blessings,

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