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Smile no worries, Blake!

Hey Blake,

I just skimmed back over your posts and don't see anything in there that you need to worry about in the least... So please put your heart at ease! Sometimes people just get busy and don't post for a while...I know that's been the case with me lately.....These threads have an ebb and flow .... My guess is the conversation will start up again one of these moments

Speaking of which, I got the book last week, devoured it in a weekend and am now slowly re-reading it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. It ties everything together for me. I even had an experience the other day -- my cd player was sticking for some reason, wouldn't play the cds, and I was working on the house so I really needed Sweat Equity music to keep me company. I got the idea to two-point it and do a time travel to the last time I remember it working. I did that, and boom, it started working!!!

Coincidence? Maybe...but like Dr. Bartlett says "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!"

love & hugs

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