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thanks Rin!

Rin, your story is thrilling and such an inspiration to me!!!

I'm at my 7th month with PATHS now and have had so many breakthroughs and growth. I'm not there seems funny to me that I felt I've had to wait so long to be the person I've always wanted to be and create the life I've always dreampt about....but its coming!

This forum is full of things I understand quite well intuitively....but can hardly wrap my logical brain around! I don't know exactly what matrix energy is yet or 2-pointing... (but I will learn). I read about this guy who will teach you how to access info from yourself in 'other dimensions' (anyone heard of Burt Goldmen?)... somewhere got the idea to 'point' to me, and 'point' or pick some reality out there that I want....well, it seems to be working!!!
I received a huge miracle recently that will stabilize my financial situation much better!

Point being now I know
I never have to be at the mercy of my circumstances again!!!
Thats huge for me!

Big thanks and gratitude to wonderful PATHS
the support and inspiration here
for making it possible!!!

Life in Balance Ayurveda
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