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About posting photos or diagrams:

Originally Posted by gene gene View Post
I have a drawing of my vortex tesla turbine idea driving a Lloyds heater gen set, that might interest you. I just don't know how to post pics.
The Forum has a very limited amount of filespace for each user, and you will run out quickly if you use the paper clip icon for posting photos and diagrams. It also bogs down the forum's file server. It is better to upload your photos or diagrams to an Internet site that offers free file storage and sharing. I use Windows Live Sky Drive for this purpose. They give you 6 gigabytes of free storage space for your files. You can sign up here: Sign In

After signing into Windows Live, click the More drop down menu and then click Sky Drive. Put photos into the Public Folder so that anyone can view them. To do this, first click to open the Public Folder. It is best to arrange your photos, diagrams, documents, and whatever else you want to store, in appropriately named folders, just as you do on your computer. Click the Create folder link, give it a name, and then click the Create folder button. The folder will open immediately, and then you can click the Add files link. The upload window will open, and you can choose up to 5 files to be uploaded to your Sky Drive from your computer. The original files stay on your computer, of course, and only copies are uploaded. After you upload a photo, click its icon to open it and then click the photo one more time to view it at 100%. Then copy the URL (the web address). The easiest way to do that is to point your mouse any place inside the web address pane (at top of your browser window), then single-right-click the mouse and choose Copy from the drop-down menu that appears. Next, open your Energetic Forum thread message window and decide where you want to place the picture. Click your mouse once at that location, then go up and click the yellow icon on the tool bar (the one with image that looks like a mountain peak) - if you point at it, it will say "Insert Image." It then waits for you to paste in the URL that you copied from your Sky Drive site where your photo is located. A small window will open for that purpose, and say "Please enter the URL of your image." Note: if you don't see a URL window, then look up near the top of your screen, as you may be getting a message saying, "This website is using a scripted window to ask you for information. If you trust this website, click here to allow scripted windows....." If you see that message, go ahead and click on it, then next time you click the Insert Image icon you will get the URL window. Inside the URL window, single-right-click the blue highlighted area that says, "http://" and choose Paste from the drop-down menu. Then click the OK button. When you add pictures this way, you will see your photo or illustration posted full size, and it doesn't consume any filespace whatsoever on Energetic Forum. The photo simply "appears" to be inside your post, although it is actually in your Sky Drive. Your posts will look more impressive than by using the paper clip icon, and no mouse clicks will be necessary by users when viewing them. A final note - when working on and saving a diagram, such as the one in my post #93 of this thread, which I created in MS Paint, it is best to save it as a bitmap image (bmp file). That way, it has the highest possible resolution, and anyone can zoom in to 200%, or even 400% to see details that would normally be difficult to see at 60 to 100%. It takes more filespace than a jpeg file, but the quality is much better, and with 6 gigabytes storage space on your Sky Drive, you won't need to worry about file size. Just make sure that you save as a bmp file at the end of your first work session. If you save your work first as a jpg file, and convert it to a bmp file later, you will be disappointed in the results. MS Paint is a program that can be found in the Accessories folder of any computer with a Windows operating system.

Hope that helps. I know it's a little confusing when you first start posting images, but once you understand how then it gets simple. It takes a lot longer to read the above instructions than it does to perform a photo or diagram insertion, and the second time around you will accomplish the task very quickly.

Best regards to all,

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