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Hi folks, I agree we should all try and think more for ourselves and at the same time not throw the baby out with the tub water as they say, I think researching all these different ideas on the net certainly cant hurt because its given me some pretty good avenues of experiment, one in particular at this time which is showing very curious results with similar effects to Dan Quales generator and perepiteia generator which is the speeding up of generator under load.
The worst habit humanity has suffered from is what some call cognitive dissonance which ultimately means condemnation without investigation, lets all at least make an attempt at investigation into whatever the subject before we cast opinions for I highly doubt anyone on this forum has tested the contents of what has been sprayed into the skies because they sure are not all contrails as those dissipate within a few minutes, not hours. and i say has been sprayed because im not sure there still spraying anymore.

peace, love, light
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