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Peter, Thank you for your detailed reply.I am simply taking it in stages; 1st stage being "will it work?" I was gonna get to the rest, after first establishing a dialogue. They make a rubberised paint, for painting trailer roofs; Why stop at the roofline? Since this works with insulated wire, I'm assuming insulating the whole outside of the trailer with this paint wouldn't interfere with its building up of electricity. Also, from what you describe, it sounds like I might not need any solar panels at all! I was thinking of this just as a supplement, to reduce the # of panels, and help on cloudy days and at nite.
Next issue is, would this develop too much of a charge, and blow up my batteries. I assume I could put something in the circuit, like a voltage regulator, that would sense when the batteries were fully charged, and either stop feeding the current to the batteries, (and let it just build up in the structure) or run it directly to ground, without going thru the batteries.
A plan "B", in case using the trailer itself is impractical; Running an insulated copper wire around the perimeter of the roof, mounted (with insulators) about 1' above the roof.Run the current from this thru a coil and spark plug, thru the batteries and to a copper rod in the ground.Is there any way with something like this, to calculate how much electricity will be produced, (captured?) before actually building it? If its possible to harvest this much electricity this way, its hard to believe we are struggling with nuclear power plants, pholtovoltaic cells, etc.Seems to me its much like drying clothes on the line, rather than shoving them in a clothes dryer! JIM
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