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Question for Peter, all

Peter, Is the high voltage system your talking about the 'insulated conductor'? I have read about how 100-200 feet of insulated copper wire, such as the lead from a ham radio, can develop quite a charge over time, and how this can be used to charge a battery. Also read how others have done similar things using a 3'x4' sheet of aluminum, isolated from the ground.
I have an aluminum trailer. Similar to the airstreams, the 'skin' is aluminum, and it is 8'x8'x36'. If I kept it isolated from the ground, wondering how much current would develop, and whether it would be enough to charge batteries.Any thoughts? I could use this as a suplement to solar cells, and put a switch in the circuit, that would only allow the built up charge to discharge thru the batteries when they were low?(So as to avoid wasting the charge, or 'overcharging' the batteries). Jim
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