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I got a cheap old Scope, where i can see the Waveform and the Bemf.
i am not sure, if you really can measure it, because it are fast spikes.
And i am still not sure, if its the Amount of the DC plus the generated Ac at the Coils, and if the Bemf counts additional, or Bemf is only a seperate Powerpush.
And i am not sure about your Coils.
Thicker Wire let more Amps through, lower give more Voltage,
But high Voltage doesnt mean, you have Power at it.
When i take 0.2mm Wire, i can get high Voltage, but without Power.
So a Lamp would light with 40V 0,2A same as with 10V 0,4 Amps.
You can get a transforming effect too, when you use a Thicker Coil with thinner Coils

About the Caps, yes, you have to try out, wich one match.
Even, when there are surly Formulas, where you can calculate it.
But i am no Electroniccrack.
And right, you never know, what effects you get at last.
Each Motor what you change to a Rv has inside different Wires and different Resistance, so its allmost Try and find out.
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