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My Dad has gone to the Seattle workshop.Got back and has played only a little with it so far... A quick story. Totally stunned him and me.

His lawn mower hasnt been starting no mattere what we tried. Then I said two point it pops! He tried it with the frequencies ..nothing...I was pulling the cord... Both he and I were visably disappointed...and were were about to leave it affraid to try it more and fail and have our majik bubble popped with something so tangable.

Then the thought to time travel it. Dad took it through a time window or something, back to when he first bought it....he didnt tell me this. He looked at me to pull the cord. Both of us with a look of "whatever". We didnt expect anything this time. From the begining of yanking the cord it felt totally started so clean and quick. We stood looking at eachother with this stunned look on our faces. Then huge smiles!...... The kicker is how many times we and he had tried starting it before -15-20 pulls for me...? the day before?... it didnt stick though for later... the next day dad took it to the shop. Turns out it was complely broken...the starter or something. there is no way it should have started at all.... It has been the Little teaser and a tangable experience to give more hope and excitement...and some verve to keep us practicing.

One thought about when it stuck that my fatther and I thought was we had no expectations the 2nd time...gave up really. Just did it with kind of a "who cares?" ness.
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