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Thoughts on threads and small lawn-mower story

The excitement on here is really wonderful.. One thought about "not getting it" seems no matter what, we are doing it all the time even without the Matrix Energetic template. This template seems to focus the law of attraction energy in a unique and powerful way...and fun... But with or without this "package" we can and are doing it... no matter what. Its apart of the law-OA. The obvious add-on to this is the thought of not getting it being self creative but thats been honed in on here already.

Just by our mere intention to make a focused intent and then a tiny little action with this two piont thing then a surrender or letting go of the outcome you/we have altered reality. Wether visable or wavy gravy or not. Its simply another form of using our thoughts conciously... The simpleness of it is exciting (and a relief to me) but my left brain always wants more...It thinks I have to work hard to get some change. Thats one of my hang ups..."and now its not"!

I'm trying not to get hung up on the wave thing. What also excites me and is different for me is the focus on letting go and trusting in the awareness of the "matrix energy". The NOT KNOWING part is so freeing...expecially with my "God" concepts...I like so many of them... the thought I dont have to know exactly what it is and have the "right" name for it has begun a liberation of sorts. This quantum package has really triggered something for me. However I am sure for myself and probably alot of others here that sooo much other info and work and planetary evolution has led up to this...not the least of which being the PATHS modules for me and Aarons work. So manny facets of the same diamond.

Thanks to all who brought and are bringing attention to this M.E. un-perspective! I love the mind bending aspect to this. It seems to really trigger that right brain creativity ...and the left brain "Huh?"-ness. I am going to go
to a workshop...I dont know which yet

OK all this typing and pontificating has triggered/is my left brain/ego package...AND NOW ITS GONE! Really I'm just playing with this ..I havent even read the book yet...just reading/watching/listening to the website.

more later Blake.
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