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Umm, no
The Bemf comes from the Electromagnetic field, what the Turns from a Coil cause.
So, higher Current wont give you more Bemf.
I have a variable Powersupply, and can switch from 8-18V
(usual 3-12V, but seems i did it 'new conditioned')
but the Spikes wont change, they are allways at around 40V.
Can be, that a stronger field makes some more Bemf, but not exactly.
You will get more from more Turns at a Coil i guess.
You have to anyway adjust the Pot then new, when you put a Cap in.
A 100F Cap equals 31,9ohm Resistance.
And a Cap dont eat any energy, it only stores it, and give it back.
The losses there are very small, if there are some.
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