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IMHO, what the video presents is just what the American media are yelling about. What they are trying to say is that the climate abnormality is normal. It is probably just another corporate propaganda. Nothing new!

If my understanding is correct, there is a correlation between the climate and the solar activities. The correlation, which has been proven with evidence, is due to the fact that some of the solar radiations can penetrate into the earth core to a limited extent. However, this correlation is getting stronger and stronger as a result of ozone loss in the ozone layer, causing the so-called extreme climate change. Perhaps, climate change may be normal. But I don't think the ozone hole and the thinned ozone layer are normal.

According to NASA and those with good track records, the green house effect on earth (so-called global warming) may speed up ozone loss and slow the recovery of the ozone layer. The ozone layer acts as a blanket that filters the harmful radiations from the sun and stabilizes the temperatures all over the world. The temperature on moon fluctuates widely throughout a year, simply because of the absence of this ozone layer. If the comments by NASA and those with good track records are worth listening, it makes sense to believe that global warming contributes extreme climate change.

Regarding the solar activities, Tesla has highlighted the link between solar activities and human activities in his article entitled "How Cosmic Forces Shape Our Destinies. Now, all the propaganda said human activities are not involved. I am not sure whether we should follow the media spin and deny Tesla's science.

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