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ME Practitioner Certification...

Originally Posted by Ann-ticipatingSuccess View Post
I know there's not really any such thing as 'time' and 'space' but I hadn't seen anything in my limited reading about ME of being able to do it at a distance. I was going to be very surprised if the answer was 'no'.
Hmmmmm - Northern BC. I've always wanted to visit Canada.....
It'll be fun to see where 'my' seminar turns out to be!
Thanks for all your help, Stephen! When will you be hanging your ME shingle?!
I already put out the feelers about bringing this up to where I live with some people and they were SO pumped and offered to help right away!

For me, I wish to go through the Practitioner Certification seminar as it becomes available (they just finished their first one while I was at Seattle). As well, I will become a Whizzard after Level III which really goes deep into the unknown and unknowable, yet out of this world incredible! As this comes along with a ton of practice - the play will become cosmic

Namaste, <---very appropriate description of what Actually happens when becoming entangled with someone in a ME session

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