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Again I must ask that the source the information be examined.
Follow the money..
Who paid for the information to be "gathered"?

If this is so important a question, why is there so much conflicting information?
It's one or the other,
either it is impossible to know the answer, so both sides are lying
by saying they know the answer
or the answer is known and only one side of the story is a lie.
Either way, you are being told disinformation by at least one side.
Why would they lie, follow the money..

There's a saying: "fool some of the people some of the time".
Well it's just as good to baffle and confuse those you can't fool
into believing. It's called Divide and Conquer. Same old game.
I once believed, then I became confuse and baffled and
now I believe again, but not that man is the cause. Man is the
cause for lots of things, but not this.

Medieval Warm Period lasting around 300 years and the
Little Ice Age lasting around 400 years with around 100 years
between the two and both of those happened 1900.

The hottest period in human history is the Holocene Maximum
lasting about 2500 years.
There's a saying: "History repeats itself."
In this case it's earth history repeats itself.
Source for image links above: link
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