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Originally Posted by Peter Lindemann View Post
Hi Guys,

I think this article says it all!

1) Arctic ice grew 13.2% in 2008
2) Summer (2008) was 3rd coldest on record in Anchorage, Alaska
3) 2008 coolest year since 1997
4) Snow fell in London in October 2008, first time since 1922
5) "Global Warming is over, and Global Warming Theory has failed."

Global cooling is here


Yes, I would agree, the "Warming" wave has crested and crashed upon the shores of reality.

@All , going off topic and on a tangent...
Reality is only information, via touch, sight, words, etc., at least as
most people alive understand it.

If we believe our Dreams are reality, when sleeping, then it seems
we are easy to be fooled with an information flow coming from nowhere.

When we say: "They are only misinformed"..
We don't mean they dreaming, but isn't it about the same thing?
Information changes your internal (external) reality.

You can be fooled as to what reality is, it's only information.
Where is your information coming from?

Remember to be kind to your mind ...
Tesla quoting Buddha: "Ignorance is the greatest evil in the world."
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