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Global Weather Manipulation

Originally Posted by Peter Lindemann View Post

Great article. Thanks for sharing.

As for feeling cold, here's three more news links. The first one is from one of our local TV station's website about the current weather conditions. Notice, its the Top Story!

Second big winter storm pounding Inland Northwest | Top Stories | | News for Spokane, Washington

The second one is from BBC, talking about weather in Canada. It says that Canada is about to see its first Christmas with snow "coast-to-coast" since 1971!

BBC NEWS | Americas | Canada braces for more heavy snow

Spokane hadn't really dug out from the last snow storm before this one hit. Hundreds of flights have been canceled at Sea-Tac (Seattle) airport due to snow and the same is true at Portland. The main problem has been that they don't have enough "de-icer" or enough "de-icing machines" to prepare the planes for take-off after being snowed on for an hour!

Scores of flights canceled at Sea-Tac | Top Stories | | News for Spokane, Washington

Well, that's it for now.

As I stated before ,it has been 2 Weeks solid of -30 C weather up here in Canada .
Guess what? if we didn't have Global Warming it might be -60 Yeah Right .....
The Arctic is getting warmer and the rest is freezing.....
Does that not tell you something? It is obvious to me as the Haarp of the Angel on my Christmas tree.
To all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Hope someone will give us an OU Christmas present that truly works.

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