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A Little More Civility, Please


You are welcome to make your own, best judgment of the climate situation on this planet, and its causes. But I am asking you politely, one more time, PLEASE limit your posts to information and links about CLIMATE RELATED INFORMATION, and PLEASE don't make disparaging remarks about other people, either directly or by innuendo.

We are all adults here, and none of us need to be lectured to in a condescending tone. We can all see that this issue means a great deal to you, and for that, I commend you. If you believe that burning pre-historic carbon is changing the climate, then I encourage you to change your own behavior so you can "live your truth".

This is all we can ask of ourselves and each other.

As you continue to post to this thread in the future, informing us of the CLIMATE SCIENCE in support of your position, please remain respectful and polite to those of us whom you would like to persuade to your point of view.

Even a person handing out GOLD BULLION would find few takers, if the recipients had to gracefully endure vitriolic insults for 10 minutes before receiving their GIFT.

In kind friendship,


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