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Al Gore may be a fraud or a dupe, or not, but the fact of global warming causing tundra and glacier melt-off still, unfortunately, exists. Poor Al... Trying to do "some good" and getting lambasted daily by the Right... Now even by the left, lol. Too bad Al Gore isn't actually the personal embodiment of Global Warming as they try to paint him, we could then just strap him to a rocket, blast him off the planet, and go back to blissfully shopping and watching TV

But he isn't. He's just a man. And the global event we are seeing has nothing to do with him, except what some would try to convince you of.

Are we to assume from the water vapor stuff, that there was a rise in water vapor (as an average percentage of the atmosphere) in the last 30 years or even 50 or 100? That would be very interesting if it were true (...but i suspect the same peeps who chartered that video would have let us know by now lol)... Then if so, this rise would most likely be linked to what?....

... Air pollution, lol. Back to square one

If is wasn't true that there was a rise, then what is the significance of that info? Excuse the pun, but despite the interesting but non-sequitur facts about something we don't think about very much, it sounds in this instance to be Vapor-Ware

There are also lightening strikes in the atmosphere; tens of thousands of times a day. Equating lightening as the cause would appear to have exactly the same significance as blaming water vapor. They have both existed as a factor for millions of years.

What we are seeing are recent changes. Changes brought about by what? Maybe increased levels of CO2 and Methane, maybe not. Maybe because of the huge increase of "thermal bloom" coming from the newly built-up urban areas as Man's footprint on the planet grows exponentially. Maybe some unseen and unrecorded change in the Sun. Maybe it's because of the large hole that has been torn in the ozone layer. Maybe the birth and life of Rush Limbaugh has done it lol (the timing is right anyway ).
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