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Originally Posted by Peter Lindemann View Post
Hi Guys,

Just a few more indisputable facts to consider. Here is a link to a Chemistry website discussing the Chemical Composition of Air. While most lists of this type show the gaseous components of "DRY AIR", this one at least discusses the role of water vapor in a paragraph before the list.

So, the five most common components of the atmosphere are:

Nitrogen -- N2 -- 78.084%
Oxygen -- O2 -- 20.9476%
[Water Vapor -- H2O -- 1-3%]
Argon -- Ar -- 0.934%
Carbon Dioxide -- CO2 -- 0.0314%

This places Water Vapor as the third most common component of the atmosphere behind Nitrogen and Oxygen.

Water Vapor is also the most common heat trapping agent in the atmosphere, accounting for up to 95% of all "green house" warming effects.

What Is the Chemical Composition of Air? - Elements in the Atmosphere

This is an amazing argument against those believing the propaganda.

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