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Extremely Cold up here too

Originally Posted by Peter Lindemann View Post
Hi Guys,

Just a little bit of local news here from Spokane, in the Eastern Washington area. Today, the city and all outlying areas are completely shut down, after a record shattering snowfall of 17 inches in the 24 hour period that ended at midnight last night. The fun part is that it is STILL snowing, with no let-up in sight. Storm totals for Northern Idaho, including Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls are in the range of 32 inches so far, and growing.

Local TV programming is all Emergency Weather Alert up-dates on all channels. Police are telling everyone if you have a regular two-wheel drive car "don't even think about getting out and driving". Even 4 wheel drive vehicles are getting stuck and sliding off the freeway.

All schools, Universities, City Hall, Post Offices, Doctors offices are closed. All plowing crews are on 24 hour rotations with private contractors adding to the efforts.

Looking out the window as I write this I am seeing some of the heaviest snow of the storm with near "white-out" conditions.

Lots of Fun!

I live in Prince George B.C. Canada and for the last 3 years we had no Summer to speak off. Planting the garden in early june ,tomatoes did not ripen by the fall, Spring is now delayed by one month. Right now as I am writing this it's 35 below freezing (Celsius). It's been like that for a Week and the forecast is for it to remain like that for at least another week.
If there is melting in the Arctic where is the cold air coming from?
Its never been that cold since the late sixties when those temperatures were normal for this time of year.Did we succeed stopping the Pollution that caused Global Warming. I don't think so.
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