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A woking Bedini can be COP 1.0 at least

On DVD says that this motor is COP 1.0 at least but can be COP > 1, charging lead acid batteries.

Last month I've built a prototype, modded, with three coils in special setup, and charging a capacitor 1.5 Farads, seems run COP 1.0 at least.

On one of my test the cap was charged to 18 volts @ 35.18 seconds then:

J=0.5x1.5x18x18 = 273 joules / 35.18 seconds = 7.76 watts-seconds

Motor run: 12.70 volts (battery connected) x 0.50 amperes = 6.35 watts

COP = 7.76 / 6.35 = 1.22

Some users suggested me, that capacitor can be 10% bigger o smaller, then I think that my motor was COP 1.0.

Many begginers peoples think can with this motor power a house by putting a AC 110 volts connector, hahahahah, no way.

The point here is can produce many many radiant energy and convert this energy in usefull energy, there are many ways for this, by lead acid batteries, this batteries must be with big plates, and very low impendance, this guaranteed a equilibrated amp draw on the motor. Another way is by using big capacitor, and use this energy for another load, or discharged on the battery. It is possible use this energy for ilumination with CFL's bulbs, neon signs, or for LEDS is very very efficient. You can use the mechanical power like a FAN; this energy is usefull too, BUT NEED A PERMANENT MECHANICAL LOAD, LIKE A FAN, NO VARIATIONS, NO HIGH DETENT TORQUE. Many machines needs motor with HIGH DETENT TORQUE, for this is better build a motor like Bob Teal, Rotary Atraction (Lindemann), or Adams Motor, the Adams motor can have some High Detent Torque because use a sensing for the magnet like a reed switch or Hall IC, this guaranteed permanent rotation on low turning speed and can accelerate again. Bedini motor need a minimal RPM invariant to remain on high COP equilibrium (MECHANICAL OSC).

Another good motor with high torque is the Window Motor, this motor can remain very relatively low amp drawing meanwhile make a mechanical work and can work like a generator too.

I recommend you buy and view the DVD EFTV PART 2, when John Bedini shows what is the Bedini motor.

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