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I've got several variants working. I made a thread for those new to the whole process and theory that contains some pics, schematics, data, videos and theory explained. Bedini Monopole Energizer SSG - Conspiracy Central Forums

I don't pretend to be an expert by any stretch but I have a background in electronics and audio engineering so at least I have a small clue.
I have learned a great deal by doing the experiments and testing while getting the background from Bedini's and Beardens's books. I've also learned a good deal from Peter Lindemann's work and lectures along with Konstantin Meyl's work. (thanks to you all!!!)

Perhaps that thread will help in some way. I'd even be willing to transfer over the pertinent posts here as an aid if others think it helpful.
I've been testing them solidly for about 4 months now and learn something new every day with them.
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