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Hi Master,
Peswiki is a good Place to look for any Devices, what you want to build.
Here is a Schematic of the latest Bedini Circuit.
Directory:Bedini SG:Schematic - PESWiki

Ashtweht do even his best too, to keep Panacea uptodate.
He has some good Plans at his Page too.
Panacea University

When you just start with it, you should see Imhoteps Vids first at Youtube, free energie step by step or check this Post.
Free Energy At Last Step By Step Must See
I am not sure, if the Vids are removed, or resorted, and this Urls still work.

And a Bedinimotor is usual not a standalone Motor, what you cant connect the Wires to itself, and it runs.
Thats why most People state, it is not Overunity.

But when you can load with one Batt 4 others, what you wanna call it else?
Otherwise, you can load with it normal Batteries, not only Accumulators,
and get out more Power from them, as with normal Loaders.
Weird, huh? We can build Microchips and fly to the Moon and whatelse, but seems noone is able, to make good Loader for normal Batteries.
But even that is worth to build one.

Anyway, good luck at building.
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