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Working bedini?

Hello all you "energy" people
I became a member here about a year ago, trying to make a bedini... unfortunately i havnt had the time to experiment with the bedini as much as i wanted, and from what i read back then no one seamed to have a fully functional bedini that actually produced more than you put in...

So.. i have a few simple questions.
Has anyone of you actually succeeded? And if so, is there a complete schematic over the parts needed here on the site (without having to read and puzzle together 10.000 posts)?

..and if so, How much "power" is it producing, and how long has it been running? And what else can you tell me worth knowing?

A tip to make it easier for the new members could be that you make a locked thread with a guide to how to make it work, because there are too many threads to read and the info is spread all over the place, making it almost impossible to make any sense out of anything... atleast thats how i feel about it.

Thanks for reading!
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