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Ohh I got the bug

I was wrong in my previous posts, you are correct. Indeed astral vision and TRV are an entirely different process. They both might tap into the matrix but the technique is very different. I was under the impression that TRV was an image type viewing. After seeing some videos I have realised that is not the case.

WHichever the case, the bug has bitten me too. I am trying to find a way now to get those videos. Can't wait.

As for Titor, I kept thinking about him last night. If indeed he was from the future, then the whole civil war thing did not occur. The 1%-2% variation was false and so on. More importantly though is the why. He did not give any concrete information about events, he actually instilled a weird future moral code. Death penalty and so on. Based on that people had enough with war. So half the people you know have died, water is scarce, people still believe in God, but could kill without a thought to survive? It seems logical but does not feel right. If indeed their is faith then humanity must follow. Notice he did not mention anything about LOA, as it was not that well know in 2001. More significant is the why? Why did he even tell us he is here. If I went back I wouldn't say a word. It serves no purpose, it can't change my future, I shouldn't have it change this timeline's future so why. If I did says something then I would say it all, not just general quotations of a possible outcome. Yet he feels honest, that indeed he is from the future. As such I come to only one other conclusion, he is from the future but does not have a good purpose in his actions. He is not here to help. That somehow adds up with my gut feeling.
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