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Arrow Interesting stuff

Hi Bluelq!

You bring up many interesting subjects.

I have literally been wanting to TRV John Titor for several years now...just have not made the time for it. The claims made are most interesting, and I will definitely get a round tuit and find out if the info posted about him is true.

Regarding Technical Remote is a very strict, and sometimes boring, process, where one sits at a desk with paper and pen and follows a set of protocols prompting their subconscious to download information from the collective.

This is very different than OBE's, astral projection and certain other experiences/processes that go by the name remote viewing.

Optimum, when used in reference to TRV target cueing, is really rather rudimentary, not measuring up to the status of simply means, what is best all things considered.

So if I were to cue a target:

Kevin Pirolo/optimim domicile/12 months from current time

The above is simply asking, for information about the best house for me to be living in 12 months from today. By best, that means taking every possible factor into consideration.

Have fun on your adventure through life!

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