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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post

I prefer to work targets that are of general interest to me, or targets that relate to my optimum in a particular circumstance....for instance my optimum domicile. If I am at my optimum, how can I be in any better place, regardless of what may happen?

I don't understand the terms, but I think you re describing self-actualization. In other words working on targets that help better yourself.

I would be interested in learning of world events. So far that expectation is the only one that still holds some ground with me. The Mayan thing is starting to fade. I also saw the website of John Titor (I think that was his name). That he came back from the future etc. I guess for me figuring these things out is part of my own self-actualization. I don't think I would believe anyone else's account anyways. Part of the reason I wanted to OBE was to see things for myself. Stopped trusting the psychics and others people intuitions. That is part of the reason I wish to TRV. In the end my goal is to understand, myself and the world.
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