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serving size and affiliate site

Originally Posted by seven222 View Post
Thank you Byron!

(1.) How much Zrii do you recommend taking for someone starting Paths with one module plus the free sleep module?

(2.) Isn't there a free Frii module also? Could you please tell me where to get it?

Thank you for your assistance. Do you have an affiliate site where I can sign up to start?

Kind regards,

Serving Recommendations
How much Zrii should be consumed in a day?

The optimal serving size of Zrii is one ounce consumed 1 to 3 times a day.

This amount was set by Zriiís Scientific Advisory Board to offer a safe and physiologically significant serving level that can be enjoyed by a broad cross-section of individuals.

It is also observed in Ayurveda that breaking up the serving levels throughout the day (i.e., one ounce taken three times a day, rather than three ounces all at once) can have a deeper effect within the body.

Affiliate Site if you would like to earn while you refer others.
Zrii -*The Original Amalaki Ė Health Benefits through Nutritional Supplements
lower right side of home page, click on "join the Zrii family"

For product info and order without being able to receive referal fee.

There is a lot of information on both sites. I recommend viewing both.
You are welcome to call me, Byron, to walk you through the sign up process online or to ask further questions. 951-252-7081
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