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History lesson of Stephen and ME :D

Hi All (lol, we're all One in the ALL *ME joke*) :P

Ok, a general layout of what has occurred from my first exposure to ME:

About 6 to 8 weeks ago: See link to ME on this site, possibly from Moria. Immediately check it out and go wowwwwwww.

About 6 weeks ago: Notice there is a book by Dr. Bartlett: Order it tout de suite!!!
Reading about the book sends the most powerful chills, thrills and energy up my back and spine that I've ever had from all the various subjects I've looked into about consciousness, spirituality etc!

Again, somewhere around 6 weeks ago, I simply sign up to go to the seminar - details of getting there, paying for it, etc, be damned!

Eventually book comes in 3 days before going to seminar. Standing in line at the post office to get the package, I enter into what is best described as a 'TRV' state. Body heavy-feeling, mind an unusual calm.

I begin reading the book, and finish it while driving down to Seattle (long roads, few cars on road - so stow it if yer gonna chew me out for reading ) While reading near the end, there is something special which I won't spoil - at this 'point', I immediately need to pull over and enter meditative state for about an hour.

Arrive in Seattle on Friday June 1 and attend evening 'introductory' session. Anticipation and strange buzzing energy flowing through my body even before the seminar starts. Blown away by introduction - I 'get' the way Dr. Bartlett is actually 'teaching' through subconscious instruction and integration with the archetype ME construct. LOL, if you get what I just said - rock on!!!

More to come, must go get my chillun's ...


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