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Very little 'energy work' experience here...

Originally Posted by aps View Post
Arioch & Stephen,

WOW! Thank you so much for sharing your experience on this forum. Maybe some of that energy came thru the laptop, because I'm sitting here with my mouth wide open. Taking in all these fascinating details and feeling exhilarated!

Stephen, have you had years of experience with different energy modalities? I know Arioch mentioned he has a few years experience.
I guess my question is "Can a person who has not been exposed to energy work or has experience in it still come away with "getting it" from a live seminar?

I'm sure it is different for everyone, but just curious on your opinion on this.

I am a new student to metaphysical, spiritual philosophies so I think I still have a dose of skepticism. I wonder if this would hinder me from having a good experience? I always intend to be open and learn as much as I can where ever I am. But wondering if just being "open" is enough.

Would love your thoughts on this!

Thanks so much again for sharing! Im going to set my intention now to attend the workshop in New York in October.

Thank you for your post, Aime (your name? Love in French? )

The energy you felt through reading the posts here and your interest in ME IS affecting your for everyone reading this or somehow connected to the ME construct will benefit and 'feel' things, if they are open to it!

Yes YEs YES, anyone can 'get it' with ME. I have virtually NO experience with energy healing modalities. In fact, people with such experience, just statistically, have to find a way to put aside almost everything they thought they 'knew' about how things work in this holomovement universe, to get to a place of knowing NOTHING as in NO THING

Skepticism will not aid you on this quest, me thinks. If it feels right for you, then go for it! Sure, keep your eyes open but just allow things to occur for the greatest good (including your own good) and GO WITH IT! That is what I have done and its been freakin incredible!!!

ME is without a doubt an experiential thing. Some 'get it' from the message board (Matrix Energetics Healing seminars taught by Richard Bartlett) or the book, but most need to attend a seminar to enter the world where anything is possible and through a couple of simple techniques and intention, change of any situation becomes a 'weighted probability' to manifest instantly.

Did I mention - GO FOR IT?


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