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Thank you Arioch!!!

Wow, another ME experientalist lol! Yes, I will make up words at will, for it is ALL made up!

I remember you when you said you were up there later in the seminar and the torsion etc was described.

I have not done a longer post on ME for I have been extremely busy catching up at home after being away and more importantly, I have been continuing to ride the wave started at that seminar and proceeding now in my life both forward and backwards in the perception of time in this physical body.

ME is ineffable, all there is too it. Words fall short of something that is to be experienced to be understood/not understood. Dr. Bartlett often went around and around in circles, seeming riddles, to describe the ME archetype. There are good reasons for this and one of them is to confuse, distract the conscious mind from interfering with the transformation experience.

There were very few, if any (by the end of the seminar) who 'didn't get it'. They didn't get it only because they were asking 'why' and 'how' and expecting details and explanation that they applied to the rest of their life. There is no why or how to get the technique of the two-point to 'work'. Dr. Bartlett 'made it up' and its a unique experience for each of us to 'get it' and make it our own. Once the conscious mind is left behind (get out of your mind lol), then the ME change just happens.

I have had SO SO many experiences with ME ALREADY. Even just reading the book and trying it in the best way I could feel, AFFECTED people and things! You, yourself, do not DO the powerful transformation - this occurs due to the helpful, intelligent, and willing higher Source and we just play (literally, have a playful attitude) a role in the intention behind the transformation for whatever it is we are paying attention to.

ME can be used for ANYTHING. Change your old non-working stereo into a time-travel or universe where it is working, transform that scoliosis into a parallel universe where such didn't exist in the body, on and on and ON! Long distance is no barrier for there is no time or space in this likely holographic or holomovement Universe.

I will be going to Hawaii in August to experience Level I and II again (many people go again and again to just go deeper into the matrix) and also level III to become a Whizard and practice Magick muhahahahahaaaaaa (spelling intentional).

Dr. Hector Garcia was a guest at this seminar. He is a Yuen trained CEM instructor and was an amazing asset to have there. I had the privilege of both Dr. Bartlett (twice) and Dr. Garcia doing ME transformations on me.

Arioch, I too felt the instant heat wave up my body when Dr. Bartlett would turn his attention to further building up of the room, during the freakin awesome songs at the beginning of each day and each afternoon session.

I have realized that unlike a seminar that is involving a lot of book learning, a ME seminar is something you experience and thus it would take a LOT more space to imperfectly describe only 3.5 days.

Please ask any questions folks, and I will do my best to answer them and help expand on what this is all not about lmao. Trust me, the language will have a lot of 'not knowing' and 'nothing to do' and 'not abouts' in it!

Love and light,

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