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I was surfing the web and came across this thread so I thought I would contribute. I too was motivated to attend the seminar this past weekend (June 1-4) in Seattle. I have been doing energy work for about 9 years now. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and I practice Chi Gong. In addition I have explored many, many fringe type things in the last decade remote viewing (serious effort put into this), theta healing, quantum touch, assessing the validity of scenar technology, out of body work using Monroe Institute Technology, exploring the power of pyradyne products, and much more.

Out of all the things that Iíve explored Matrix Energetics has been the most mind blowing experience. I cant even fully express to you my experiences at the seminar and I strongly encourage everyone that reads this to attend one of Richardís seminars. For me this event was life changing, inspiring, beautiful, playful, amazing, and it proved to me that we are all connected (I knew that before but it really cemented it).

I will try to express some of my thoughts about my experiences. I work as an engineer but Iím also an artist. Iím open to the possibility of there being magic in the world and Iíve tapped into some of it with Reiki, Chigong, and other things that I do. However at the same time I donít want to be completely gullible so when I approach a new modality, Iím open minded but still a little bit critical.

First night Demo

Richard comes in and some loud music is played. The crowd starts clapping and getting into the music. Iíve been in these kinds of situations before and there is a certain energy associated with this kind of thing and large crowds. Iím not really paying attention to Richard, Iím just scanning around the room and looking at the floor waiting for the song to end. Then I get hit by this wave of strong energy all over the front of my body and Iím like wtf. I then realize that he isnít just clapping and waving his arms around he is actually 2 pointing the room (I had read his book and listened to an interview before coming so I knew a bit about what he does) and I actually felt him change the energy of the room!. After the song he confirmed that he was setting up sacred space in the room. WOW pretty cool that I was able to feel and then put together what he was doing.

Rest of the Seminar.

During the demonstrations on stage everyone was affected over the course of the seminar at least as far as I could tell. Most of them you could see were dramatically affected such as succumbing to the changes and collapsing on the ground to fully experience a new reality. Others might be more subtle but you could see things like them blinking their eyes, spontaneous body movements, etc. Here is the really cool thing. As the seminar progressed, I began to experience what the person stage was experiencing. I canít say that it was always the same thing, however at about the same time their body would react I would feel serious energy changes in my body (head spinning, head expanding, cold energy down through the core of my body, etc). On some occasions I got confirmation such as someone would see something in their minds eye, it was described and I was seeing the same thing in the same area of the room they were pointing to, before they mentioned it. In another instance the person described that their head felt like it was spinning and I was feeling that before they said anything. So basically this was a KNOWING that we are all connected through personal experience, which was awesome.

During the practice sessions almost (not always but most of the time) all the people that I would practice on would feel something and I would feel something. It ranged from subtle to dramatic.

By Sunday I had personally felt a lot of interesting experiences and knew something was going on but hadnít had the ďknock down you on your buttĒ kind of feeling. Part of me wanted that experience to sort of cement it, even though I knew what was happening was real and powerful. I was asking Richardís daughter Justice a question about the 2 point technique and she touched me for about 6 seconds. The first 3 seconds I lost contact with the feeling of my body, the last 3 secs I felt a twisting motion and Iím pretty sure if she hadnít let go that I probably would have hit the floor. There was no one around to catch me and I suspect she saw how my body was reacting and let up. I had to go sit down and process these overwhelming sensations for about 10 minutes before I could continue practicing. It was that situation that really drove home the overwhelming reality of matrix energetics.

On Monday Richard called me up front. First he showed the audience that my hips were slightly of alignment. He hit me with the idea of torsion. I lost sensation in the lower half of my body almost instantly and I felt a very weird twisting sensation. The audience made a big reaction so I assumed they witnessed a physical change (I had seen this happen on others when they were up on the stage, physical changes). I was still standing so he hit me with something else (donít remember what) and my head was totally spacing out. My depth perception got messed up and I sort of felt like I was bilocating. Since I was still standing he hit me with one more thing (again donít remember what he said) and it felt like a weight was pulling me to the ground. I laid down on the massage table on stage and processed all the weird feelings that were washing over my body for probably about 10 minutes. IT WAS FEAKIN AWESOME.

Also there was a guy on a portable oxygen tank during the seminar. Well by Monday, when I saw him, after having been worked on sometime earlier in the weekend, he wasnít using his oxygen tank anymore.

There is a lot more that could be said, but I guess thatís all for now. Heís on to something very powerful. Itís something that can be replicated by others. Itís something that I have already integrated into my life and will continue to use on a daily basis.
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