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Harold S. Schroeppel quote

Originally Posted by terranova View Post
"We are constantly receiving info from other people through the aether but usually we don't notice because of our own chatter and tensions in our mind and body. But if we release these tensions and aren't holding on to any of our own, then any that we are aware of are what we are picking up on someone else."
I had my own understanding of this concept but it wasn't until I saw Harold S. Schroeppel's quote that I was easily able to verbalize it. And what I said was almost paraphrasing him. This is what he said about this:

"If you have no thought, emotion, effort, pain or confusion stored in your own body, then any thought, emotion, effort, pain, or confusion of which you are aware is someone else's."- Harold S. Schroeppel
Aaron Murakami

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