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Thanks for posting about your experience Aaron. I'm a little fascinated because I had a somewhat similar experience to yours - it was only years later that I figured out it must have been a kundalini experience (and I feel it also came from a burning desire to wake up). My mind stopped, my back split open, and the world poured in. I would be looking at a leaf, and then suddenly I would be the leaf, and then suddenly I would be me again.

I'm also interested in the timing -- I think you are maybe 3-4 yrs older than me, and I had my experience when I was 19 - I think it was 1994?. I don't think mine was as extreme as yours, but I also had the intense writing, no teacher and the good and bad side of it. Went back later to read the books I filled but it just looked like scrawls, couldn't understand any of it. I'm pretty sure that the writing kept me sane though - there was so much running though me, I had to get it out somehow.

For several years, I felt really outside of society, and also struggled to kind of put myself back together. Then when I had my daughter I had a similar experience -- while in labour, for some reason I realized I could let the pain fall backwards and then shoot it up my spine, and it would stop being pain, and instead just put me in a really high place. At first I had to really discipline myself to go into the pain, let it fall back, and then shoot it up, but after a little while, I found I could catch the birth sensation wave just as it was starting and then I could do the whole thing with no pain. As it became automatic, it felt like I was changing dimensions, getting lighter, and I had visions of tall beings running beside me. I found myself having all sorts of profound insights about life so big my normal brain can't contain them. Also felt I could see right through people, right to their core. I remember for instance thinking about my birth attendant and realizing that she was somewhat obsessed with birth energy and understanding where that came from in her. Mostly I can't remember now all that I saw.

I also remember thinking, I should try to sleep since I'm not in pain. And then my next thought was that I was in the place we go when we sleep, so I didn't need to sleep. I put some music on and layed down - it was like synesthesia (sp?), the music felt like it was reaching out and touching my skin. Really amazing experience, lasted a whole day, and when it was happening, I knew without a doubt that birth is not supposed to hurt.

And similarly to when I had that experience at 19, a whole bunch of things in my life then fell apart, and I moved on to being quite a different person than I was before.

Hope that wasn't too much sharing! Just aren't too many places where you can talk about your kundalini!

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